Still trying to finalise the meeting point and some other details with the promoters but should have lots more info for you soon.  So far the plan is for registration to take place from 12 noon until 8pm.  We’ll then do a quick briefing and tour of the site.  You are then free to camp with us, or if you are local you can leave and return for your shift on Friday.



Shifts will be assigned on a first come first served basis at registration.  Everyone works 18 hours over the weekend.


3 x 6 hour shifts (one each day) or

12  hour shift on Friday and a 6 hour shift on Saturday or Sunday


This shifts are all dependent on availability so arrive early to registration to get the best shifts to suit you.  We’ll do our best to place you and your friends on the same shifts.



Roles range from ticket scanning and wristbanding, to artist liaison and stewarding.  You can select your role from the available roles at registration.



We’ll supply you with plenty of breaks during your shifts.  We’ll give you a food voucher for each shift you work and you are free to bring any other food or snacks with you.  You should bring a reusable water bottle with you and refill from taps onsite.



You can camp in the volunteer section of the campsite or with friends in the public campsite if you prefer.  You must supply your own camping equipment.  You can park in the staff car park.  Directions will be sent on once confirmed.


Volunteer Hub

There is a Volunteer Hub where you can hang out charge your phone, use a kettle etc. We’ll supply tea, coffee and milk but please bring your own mug.  Also bring your phone charger.


Deposit Refunds

Deposits will be refunded with 48 hours of your final shift.