We offer a range of different roles depending on your motivation for volunteering, your previous experience and your passions.




Everyone volunteers for different reasons and we try to tailor your volunteering experience by finding out your motivations for getting involved.


If you are simply volunteering to gain access to the event - thats fine with us.  Let us know and we will try find you a position  that gives you the most time off.  If on the other hand you are volunteering to gain experience in the event world or to build your CV then let us know and we will try give you a role that offers extra responsibility.






The primary purpose of stewarding is to keep people safe and provide information and advice to gig-goers. Most of stewarding is answering questions, giving advice and keeping an eye on your area.


Being a steward means you could be asked to take on a variety of roles. Above all, it means being the eyes and ears of the festival - being alert, friendly and attentive, and reporting any safety issues that occur up the chain of command.


Volunteer stewards always work alongside dedicated security staff and don't get involved in any security duties.



Access Assistants

We have worked closely with promoters over the last number of years to make events more accessible to persons with disabilities.  As an access assistant you will help guide people to the viewing platform or offer other guidance or assistance.



Customer Care Assistants

Customer Care assistants help customers with any issues they may have such as seating, advice on traveling home, best place to camp and any other questions that might come up.



Age Policy Assistants

Different events have different age policies and Age Policy Assistants help reseat patrons if they are two young for the pitch at a stadium show, or wristband children with a contact telephone number in case they get lost, or any other steps that are in place to help and protect minors at each event.



Entrance Team

Our Entrance Team are the first point of call for Longitude, Indiependence, Life and Electric Picnic attendees when they arrive. You’ll look after ticket scanning and wristbanding, meaning the bulk of your work is completed early on in the festival.



Site Crew

Channel your inner Bob (or Bridget!) The Builder and help us transform our fields into the temporary mini-city it becomes for the weekend. Site Crew positions are mainly for build and breakdown of a festival - leaving you with the weekend free to enjoy the fruits of your labour!



Volunteer Support Team

The Volunteer Support Team ensures that our volunteers have the best possible experience. You'll find them signing volunteers in, swapping shifts, giving directions and relaying questions.  This team are in place to make sure you feel supported as a volunteer, don’t be afraid to seek them out.



Team Leaders / Zone Supervisors

Most of our teams require team leader roles - which offer more responsibility and experience.  Although the shifts are a little bit longer, if your main motivation for volunteering is gaining experience in the event management world then this role may be up your street. After selecting your preferred team in the application form you will be asked if you would like to be considered for a team leader role. If you are looking to gain supervisory experience, simply answer yes to this question.



Response Team

The Response Team are a group of volunteers that rotate duties as issues arise. This means those on the response team might be a steward for an hour, an access assistant the next and something else before the day is out. Festivals are all about the unexpected, and this team is poised to deal with any issues that arise.




Drivers, as you may have guessed, drive!


 Golf buggies are used to transport people and equipment around site and if you are over 25 with a full, clean driver’s licence then we’d love you to help us ferry people and things around the site to make sure everyone arrives on time!